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*Regardless if your roof has shingles, metal, or a specialty product on the roof, the experts at Burlington Roofing Co., Inc. can help with installation and repair. Our factory certified crews have experience across all types of residential roof systems, including shingles, metal, shakes, synthetics, and tile roofing systems.

We provide free estimates to help you make an informed decision on your roof replacement or roof repair needs and cost. If you are in the market for repair or replacement services, look no further than Burlington Roofing Co., Inc. to assist you. We service the Burlington and Mebane, NC area.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of residential roofing material today and provide one of the most cost effective solutions for your roofing needs. There are two types of asphalt shingles; organic and glass fiber. Both have ceramic granules that protect against premature deterioration from UV rays as well as provide unique aesthetics.

There are 3 main styles of asphalt Shingles, with manufacturer's warranties ranging from 20-50 years. GAF sytems, installed by factory certified installers like Burlington Roofing Co., Inc., offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Strip Shingles (GAF Royal Sovereign)

The most common shingle in the market. 3-tab shingles are a common form of this style, and are simply installed in a single-layer. They are manufactured in many different colors.

Dimensional Shingles (GAF Timberline)

Also known as architectural shingles, this system is manufactured in multiple layers. These roofing shingles are heavier than their strip shingle counter-part, and therefore have an increased life cycle. They also come in several style, shape and color options.

Designer Shingles (GAF Camelot)

These shingles are for the discerning homeowner who demands the best in performance and asthetics. These shingles far exceed industry performance standards and come with exceptional warranty protection. They also come in a wide range of design choices that emulate the rich look of natural materials like wood, slate and stone.

Specialty Roofing Products

Wood Shakes: Colonial settlers used hand-split wood shakes on their roofs. Today, saw-milled cedar shake shingles remain a popular choice in some regions. Cedar contains natural oils that inhibit plant growth and repel moisture. With some maintenance, wood shingles can last for decades. Many manufacturer’s guarantee their products for 50 years.

Natural Slate Shingles: Natural slate or stone shingles are beautiful and have been a favorite for sloped commercial roofing on churches and historic buildings. Neither fire nor hail nor wind will disturb a strong slate roof. Occasionally, ice or weather damage can dislodge one or two tiles. Slate has been used for at least 500 years. In the Northeast, it is not uncommon to see nineteenth-century homes proudly displaying original state roofs.

Stone Coated Steel: Stone Coated Steel Roofing provides the rigidity and performance of a metal roof, all while providing high end aesthetics of Wood, stone, or clay.

Metal Roofs

Burlington Roofing Co., Inc. provides customers with a specialized prefabricated metal roofing system known as Custom Craft. We can install this unique customized system on all commercial and residential buildings. By manufacturing every component of our roof system “In-House”, Burlington Roofing Co., Inc. offers the industries highest quality metal roofing systems, perimeter edge metal and trim flashings and warranty for each and every roof project.

Burlington Roofing Co., Inc.’s state-of-the-art facility “Custom Craft Fabrication” in Concord, North Carolina manufactures our Custom Craft metal roof system. We produce a wide variety of the highest quality metal products for use in our specialized metal roofing systems. Our Custom Craft metal fabrication shop is where our first rate materials, state of the art computerized equipment and our highly trained technicians work together to form works of art for our customers. Each individualized piece of our custom metal roof is sheared, bent to shape and delivered from our shop to each and every job site. These fabrications include accessory trim metals, metal edge coping, gutters and downspouts in all gauges, colors, finishes and metal type choices.

Metal roofs are a wise choice when it comes to steep slope roofing, Metal roofs provide energy savings, are aesthetically pleasing and provide protection from the elements of weather for your home that can last a lifetime. A high-quality metal roof will typically be the last roof you'll ever need. It is highly resistant to cracking, shrinking and eroding. Metal roofing systems can also withstand extreme weather conditions including wind, heavy snow, and hail. Metal roofs can typically be installed over an existing shingle roof, eliminating the cost and eco-impact of tear-off and disposal. Over time, metal roofs save money because another roof replacement will not be necessary. We install all types of metal roof systems including Standing Seam, 5V Crimp Style, and Corrugated metal roofing systems. Discover the variety of looks available. You can trust Burlington Roofing Co., Inc. and Custom Craft Fabrication for all your custom metal roofing needs. For more information on replacing your roof, and installing a metal roofing system, contact Burlington Roofing Co., Inc. today! “Our Custom Craft“ lifetime “Watertight”“ material and labor warranty is second to none in the industry!

What Our Clients Say...

What Our Clients Say...

We had a pretty big jobsite order to fill. Burlington Roofing Co walked us through step by step and got us what we needed on time and at a great price. Thanks for everything!